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Relee de inalta tensiune

High voltage relays

    Specifications Caracteristics of the coil  
Ref Contact
Max. switching
Max. switching
Max. switching
Voltage rating R. coil at 20°C Specifications
R1380L00 1NO 7500VDC 0,2A 50VA 6VDC 75 High voltage relay
R1329L00 1NO 7500VDC 0,2A 50VA 12VDC 300 High voltage relay
R1343L00 1NO 7500VDC 0,2A 50VA 24VDC 1200 High voltage relay
R1380L13 1NO 5000VDC 200mA 50 W 6 V 75 High-voltage relay
R1329L13 1NO 5000VDC 200mA 50 W 12 V 300 High-voltage relay
R1343L13 1NO 5000VDC 200mA 50 W 24 V 1200 High-voltage relay
R1402L13 1NC 5000VDC 0,2A 50VA 12V 300 High-voltage relay
R1446L13 1NC 5000VDC 0,2A 50VA 24V 1200 High-voltage relay
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