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celduc® relais offers a wide range of solid-state relays for controlling three-phase loads.
Various models are available, with ratings up to 125 amps per phase, with either AC or DC input, random or zero-cross output.
SHT range : designed in a single low profile package – this range of three-phase AC solid-state relays is designed to provide control of medium power in three-phase applications.
SCT range : designed for industrial applications requiring efficient switching and compact size. This range is made up of three separate relays controlled by a common DC voltage control. They are designed to control up to 12A AC loads on line voltages to 440 Vac. The SCT relays feature an industry-standard hockey-puck package, spring connector wire termination and DC control with zero-cross switching.
SGT range : standard three phase range to control resistive loads (AC-51). Available in 40 or 47,6mm housing.
SVT range : designed for all types of loads - IP20 protection (touch-proof for user safety). This range is fitted with a LED as well as RC and VDR network protection. Available in 40 or 47,6mm enclosure.
”Ready to use” SIT / SWT : three phase contactors with heatsink and / or DIN rail mounting
Products manufactured in compliance with major international standards UL/CSA/cUL, CE & RoHS

3 phase SSR with spring connectors.

celpac range

3 phase SSR with screw monting

"Ready to use" 3 phase SSR

3 phase SSR, 47,6mm housing, square terminals

3 phase SSR for PCB

3 phase SSR with IP20 protection

Full wave pulse controllers

3 phase SSR with IP20 protection, 47,6mm housing, square terminals

Two legs 3 phase SSR

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