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Senzori debit

celduc relais offers a range of magnetic flow sensors.
Use celduc’s flow sensors to ensure minimum flows to your systems!
- 1 open contact (A form) 250Vpeak - 100VA - 1A
- No flow, contact is open / Flow, contact is closed
- Two paddle lengths are available (57 or 77mm).
Typical application:
- To supervise the flow rate in water treatment systems or swimming pool heaters (to indicate a failure or loss of capacity of the dosing pump.) - To ensure that the device is energized when a known volume flow is present in heat-pumps or electric heaters
Main advantage:
Unlike a pressure switch which can be tricked into giving a yes signal in situations such as a down-stream valve being closed, a flow switch is not affected by pressure and only responds when flow is present.

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