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Expertise in specific sensors
In the automotive industry there are numerous applications forour magnetic proximity sensors : detection of liquid levels (radiatorliquid, windscreen washer, engine oil level, brake oil level, …) butalso closing/locking detection of the fuel tank knob , detection of water in the oil filter, potentiometric scales to be used in lorry tank for level measurement , … Serving this industry is a proof of reliability. celduc ® relais hasdeveloped special sensors to detect the opening/closing of the doors as for example push-buttons used to detect open/closed doors in Airbus A380 ; sensors to detect tank refueling in Mirage Rafale and Saab Jas 39 fi ghters ; level sensors for AIRBUS humidifi ers, … In the medical fi eld magnetic proximity sensors can be used in automatic analysis systems to control liquids level, presence of a tank, right-working of the arms, open /closed doors of sterilizers … Flow sensors are used to supervise the flow rate and the function ofthe dosing pump and to indicate a failure or loss of capacity of thedosing pump.

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